Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Enjoy handmade andon (lanterns) and nighttime cherry blossoms: The 21st Saho River Sakura Festival Tokae (Lantern Festival)

March 29 - April 10

Flowing through Nara City and Yamatokoriyama City, the Saho River is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot. Along the river is a magnificent avenue of cherry trees that is lively with many visitors during cherry blossom viewing season. Every year from late March to early April, the Saho River Sakura Festival Tokae (Lantern Festival) is held in the area from around the Omiya Bridge to the JR Sahogawa Bridge. Enjoy the mystical sight of nighttime cherry blossoms and the elegant handmade 'andon' lanterns painted with calligraphy. From April 3 (Fri.) to 5 (Sun.), there are also candle illuminations from dusk until 21:00.
*Schedule may change depending on the status of the cherry blossoms or cancelled due to bad weather.

Basic Information

Address Saho Riverside between Omiya Bridge and the JR Sahogawa Bridge
Access 5 minutes walk from Kintetsu Shinomiya Station
Inquiries 0742-27-2223(奈良市総合観光案内所)


Area Information

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