Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Weekend Matcha Experience at Machiya


Nara is known as a birthplace of Japanese tea ceremony.
It takes many years to become a master of the tea ceremony, but you can experience the way of tea in this event. There is an English speaker and we offer some tea experiences like tasting matcha and wagashi (sweets) with instruction on making tea.
Enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in a relaxing atmosphere.


Date: 11 February (Sun.)
Cost:  1,000JPY
Hour: 9:00 a.m~3:00 p.m (50minutes)
・Capacity of each course / 10~15 people
・Ticket / 100sheets
※It will be sold at the venue on that day. No advance ticket.
・Place / Naramachi Nigiwai-no-Ie(Japanese traditional house)
・Contact / Harada, Hashimoto (Tourism Section of Nara Municipal Office)
Mail : kankousenryaku@city.nara.lg.jp ☞English OK
Tel : 0742-34-4739(9:00a.m~5:00p.m) ☞Japanese only


No need of reservation.