Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Nara Lotus Road


Nara Lotus Road ticket


In Buddhism, lotus is a symbol of purity.

Therefore, many temples prefer to plant lotus in its precinct.


While each temple has a point to boast its lotus, especially Kiko-ji Temple, Saidai-ji Temple, Toshodai-ji Temple and Yakushi-ji Temple are well known by its variety and beauty of them.


Nara City Tourist Association offers you a package ticket, the Nara Lotus Road ticket, so you can visit these quartet of temples seamlessly.


Goshuin stamp of each temple is included.

Also, original tote bag with the calligraphy of high priests is given to the purchasers.


Tickets are available at each temple.

Visiting in the morning is highly recommended.


Price: 3,600yen

Period: 15th June – 19th Aug.