Privacy Policy

The Nara City Tourism Association (hereafter referred to as ‘the Association’) manages the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in line with the Nara City Tourism Association Personal Information Protection Guidelines (hereafter referred to as ‘the Guidelines’). Other items and certain details not included in the Guidelines, are specified below.

Nara City Tourism Association Activity Booking Site ‘Nara Time’ User Personal Information Management Policy

  1. 1. The Association uses personal information provided by users of the Nara City Tourism Association Activity Booking Site ‘Nara Time’ (hereafter referred to as ‘this site’) for the following purposes.

    1. (1) To reply to, or communicate regarding, questions, opinions, and enquiries relating to the services (hereafter referred to as ‘various services’) including online bookings, changes, cancellations, payment services, and special offers, for activity programs and travel products (hereafter referred to as ‘programs) either provided or introduced by the Association, or on this site.
    2. (2) For communications regarding booking requests and enquiries about programs from all users (communications necessary in order to provide various services, including the transmitting of booking requests and enquiry details, the transmission of replies and other messages from providers to all users, and to confirm records of use).
    3. (3) For important communications regarding maintenance information and various services, and notifications regarding important matters concerning the running of the various services.
    4. (4) For the sending of newsletters or messages which the Association thinks will be useful to all users.
    5. (5) As well as draws and sending out prizes when we have events such as campaigns and promotions, for communicating with the applicants involved.
    6. (6) For questionnaires relating to the various services.
    7. (7) For the processing and analysis of data necessary for improving the various services and developing new services.
    8. (8) For promoting the use of services, and explaining or introducing services.
  2. 2. The following are cases in which the Association will provide a third party with personal information provided by users of this site.

    1. (1) Purposes of providing information to third parties
      Communications relating to program booking requests and enquiries (communications necessary for them to provide various services, including the transmission of booking requests and details of enquiries to providers, the transmission of replies and other messages from providers to users, and to check records of usage), and for third parties who publish information relating to the various services and programs via channels including management activities, operational activities, publication, broadcasting, and distribution.
    2. (2) Personal information provided
      Information provided by users when registering, information given when booking programs, photographic data.
    3. (3) Means or methods used to make bookings
      Means including the booking management system and email.
    4. (4) The type of organization receiving the relevant information provided and providers involved, those administering the system channels or media.
      Providers, media manegers
  3. 3. Personal information received by means of photographic data may be used with the aim of promoting the various services, and explaining or introducing the various services.

  4. 4. Personal information is provided to the Association voluntarily. In cases where it cannot be obtained, the various services for which personal information is required cannot be provided.

  5. 5. In order to improve the convenience of various services provided, the Association uses cookies, monitors access, analyzes data, and keeps records of user activity.

  6. 6. The Association may change the details in this policy without notifying users. Excluding in instances otherwise specified by the Association, changes which have been made to this Privacy Policy will come into effect once they have been uploaded to the website.

  7. 7. For any enquiries relating to this Privacy Policy, please contact -

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