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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Expressing gratitude for a peaceful rose-loving world: Baraeshiki Eto Matsuri/Ryosen-ji Temple

1:00 p.m., May 17

The Baraeshiki Eto Matsuri is a Buddhist service expressing gratitude for peace and praying for people’s health and happiness in which roses are offered to the temple’s principal deity Yakushi Nyorai and the Hattaibutsu (eight guardian deities of the twelve zodiacal signs). On this day, approx. 100 people parade around the temple’s rose garden and precincts in a procession that includes a children's drum and fife corps, portable rose shrines, people wearing masks of the 12 zodiac signs, monks, and Chigo (beautifully dressed children).

*Only buddhist service will be conducted this year.

Basic Information

Address 3879 Nakamachi, Nara 631-0052
Access Take a bus for approximately 7 minutes from Kintetsu Tomio Station bound for Wakakusa-dai, and get off at Ryosenji-Temple Stop
Inquiries +81-742-45-0081
Website Ryosenji-Temple Official Websitehttp://www.ryosenji.jp/