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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Takigi O-Noh A mysterious world lit be firelight

Fri May 17 & Sat May 18, 2024

Embodying history and tradition, and one of Nara’s most traditional events, Takigi O-Noh performances are held annually at the World Heritage Kasuga Taisha, and at Kohfukuji Temple’s Nandaimon Gate Han’nya-no-Shiba site in Nara on the third Friday and Saturday in May. Outdoor Noh performances, held in various places around the country, are thought to have their origins in Takigi O-Noh, one of the traditional events Nara is rightly proud of.
On both days, a daytime performance is held at Kasuga Taisha and an evening performance at Kohfukuji Temple. The evening events are performed by firelight when a profound air of mystery is created with the actors’ voices resonating around the otherwise quiet space.

(Picture: Nandaimon-no-gi at Kofuku-ji Temple, taken by Eibun Kuwabara)

Same-day tickets available for 6,500 yen per person at the doors of all venues.

Basic Information

Address Kasuga Taisha Shrine (Morning) & Kofuku-ji Temple (Evening)
Access Kasuga Grand Shrine
8 minutes by bus from JR Nara and Kintetsu Nara Stations. Immediately in front of the final stop on the bus to "Kasuga Taisha Honden." Alternatively, 8 minutes on the city loop bus. Walk ten minutes from "Kasuga Taisha Omotesando" bus stop.

Kofuku-ji Temple
5 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station
Inquiries 0742-30-0230(薪御能保存会/奈良市観光協会内)
Website Find out morehttps://narashikanko.or.jp/en/topics/takigionoh/


Area Information

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