Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Experience Authentic Arts Native to Nara

Nara’s traditional crafts and industries have continued unfailing for centuries. With a visit to some of her workshops, artisans and visitors alike can have a taste of some age-old techniques.

  • Nigiri-zumi

  • Nara Calligraphy Brushes

  • Akahada-yaki Pottery


A Nara-only experience: Create an ink stick in the shape of your handprint

With a proud 90% of the national share, Nara ink is a traditional product of particular importance. With Nigiri-zumi (literally, “squeezed ink”), visitors are able to touch fresh, warm, and still soft ink with their own hands.

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Nara Calligraphy Brushes

Make your own brush at the birthplace of Japanese writing brushes!

Nara Fude is popular as the birthplace of Japanese calligraphy brushes. Try out the last part of the process for yourself!

Akahada-yaki Pottery

A pottery style historically ordered by Japanese aristocrats and many shrines and temples.

Learn more about Nara’s native Akahada-yaki pottery in a small group setting. Take this special chance to hear about the history of Nara’s pottery and its craftsmanship while sipping tea.