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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Takisaka-no-michi path たきさかのみち

Takisaka-no-michi path たきさかのみち

Takisaka-no-michi path makes up the first half of Yagyu Kaido setting off from the center of Nara City. A cobblestone path formed of irregularly-patterned stones lines the way and is believed to be a relic of a road repair operation undertaken when the head of the Yagyu clan was promoted to Daimyo (feudal lord) and became the Kendo (Japanese fencing) instructor to the Shogunate family. Numerous stone Buddha images, which served as objects of worship for Mountain Buddhism, are still found along Takisaka-no-Michi, serving as silent protectors to travelers on Yagyu Kaido even today. Offering a chance to walk among murmuring streams and listen to the hum of the forest while feeling the power in the air, this road is revered for the calm it brings to all who visit.

Basic Information

Address 〒630-8212 奈良県奈良市
Access 近鉄奈良駅からバス(市内循環等)で「破石町」バス停下車、高畑町の交差点付近からスタート
Website Guide Book availablehttps://www.city.nara.lg.jp/uploaded/attachment/28715.pdf

Entrance Fee

Other ※柳生街道(滝坂の道)一部区間通行止めのお知らせ(2023/4/17更新)





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