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Fukū-in Temple 【ふくういん】

According to an old record, Jianzhen (688-763) also known as Ganjin, was a Chinese monk who helped to propagate Buddhism in Japan, and founded the Risshu school at Tōshōdai-ji, stayed for a short time at Fukū-in. Kūkai (774-835) a Japanese monk, civil servant, scholar, poet, artist and founder of the Shingon-shu school of Buddhism also stayed at Fukū-in during the early Heian period.

Later in the Kamakura period, four learned monks including Eison (1202-1290) integrated the teachings of Shingon-shu and Risshu to form the Shingon Risshu school at Saidai-ji, educating many young monks to ordain as priests.

Fukū-in is known as a temple related to en-kiri and en-musubi, the separation and matchmaking of relationships.

Basic Information

Address Takabatake-cho 1365, Nara City 630-8301
Access 25 minute walk from both Kintetsu Nara station and JR Nara station
Inquiries Tel: +81-742-26-2910, Web form: http://www.fuku-in.com/mail.htm#3
Website Fukū-in Offical Websitehttp://www.fuku-in.com/info.htm
Closed on Open to public only during the special exhibition period in spring and autumn.
Reservation is required besides the period above.
Parking No

Entrance Fee

Price (Individual) Special Exhibitions & Openings
600 yen
Other Spring special exhibition: from late April to early May
Autumn special exhibition: from late October to early November
Reservation by e-mail is required besides the period above.

Uga-benzaiten statue is open to public only for the special exhibition period.
Hours of Operation 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (The admission desk will be open until 4:30 p.m.)


Events Hatsudaishi: January 21st
Setsubun-e: February 3rd
Mieku: April 21st
Urabon Segaki: August 21st
Bustumyoe Gomahouyou: November 21st


Area Information

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