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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Hannyaji temple 【般若寺】

According to the temple legend, Hannyaji teple was founded in 629 by a Goguryeo monk, Ekan, who built a temple on this site. After that, in the era of Emperor Shomu in 735, it is said that temple buildings were built to protect Heijokyo's demon gate (an unlucky quarter).
Today, the temple retains the Romon gate (National Treasure), which has an elegant architectural style from the Kamakura period.
The temple is also famous for its flowers, and the hydrangea in early summer and the cosmos in early summer and autumn are especially worth visiting.

Basic Information

Address 221 Hannyaji-cho, Nara City
Access Take a bus bound for Kunimidai 8-chome (Narazaka) and Aoyama-jutaku (approx. 12 minutes bus-ride), and get off at Hannyaji bus stop, then take a walk for 5 minutes
Inquiries 0742-22-6287 (般若寺) FAX:0742-22-7257
Website 般若寺公式ウェブサイトhttp://www.hannyaji.com/
Parking 有料

Entrance Fee

Price (Individual) Adults 500 yen
Junior and high school students 200 yen
Elementary school children 100 yen
Price (Group) Group rates available for a group of 20 or more
Discount for Disabled Visitors なし
Senior Discount 奈良市 ななまるカード(老春手帳)持参で割引(本人のみ)
Hours of Operation 9a.m. – 5 p.m.(Last admission 4:30 p.m.)


Events 文殊会(もんじゅえ): 4月25日
Flower-Viewing Kerria japonica: mid April
Hydrangea: mid June
Early cosmos: June
Autumn cosmos:September
Narcissus: mid December
National Treasures 楼門


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