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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Gango-ji Temple がんごうじ

Gango-ji Temple がんごうじ

This edifice used to be a part of the priests' living quarters of the Gango-ji Temple, and was reconstructed as its main hall (National Treasure) and Zen hall (National Treasure) in the Kamakura period (1192-1333). The temple has attracted commoners since the Middle Ages. Numerous stone Buddhas and folk materials were discovered in the precincts. Thanks to the grand repair from the 25th to 29th year of Showa (1950-1954), we can enjoy appreciating the temple structures at the time of the Kamakura period's reconstruction.

In the storehouse are a small wooden five-storied pagoda (National Treasure), a wooden sitting statue of Amida Buddha, Chiko Mandala, an abundance of articles on folk belief, and so on.

(10 minutes' walk from Kintetsu Nara Station)

Basic Information

Address 11 Chuin-cho, Nara City 630-8392
Access 20 minute walk from JR Nara Station. 12 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station.
Inquiries Tel: +81-742-23-1377 Fax: 0742-23-1378
Barrier Free Accessibility Unavailable
Website 元興寺公式ウェブサイトhttps://gangoji-tera.or.jp/
Closed on Open all year
Parking Space for 10 cars is available. Parking is free.

Entrance Fee

Price (Individual) Adults: 500 yen
University Students: 500 yen
High School Students: 300 yen
Junior High School Students: 300 yen
Elementary School Students: 100 yen

During special exhibitions in the fall:
Adults: 600 yen
University Students: 600 yen
High School Students: 300 yen
Junior High School Students: 300 yen
Elementary School Students: 100 yen
Price (Group) Discounts are offered for groups of 20 people or more.
Senior Discount Free admission with the presentation of a Nanamaru card.
Hours of Operation 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Last entry at 4:30 p.m.)
Opening/closing times are the same during special exhibitions.


Events SaitoSaito-Gomae: Setsubun day February 12:00-
Jizoe Mantokuyo(Lantern Mass for Jizo Bodhisattva):8/23,24 17:00-21:00
Flower-Viewing Camellia: Late March (about 50 trees)
Cherry blossoms: April (about 50 trees)
Chinese bellflower: Mid-June-August (about 1,000 plants)
Japanese bush clover: Early September-Early October (many plants)
National Treasures small pagoda, room of zen meditation, main hall
Special Openings Late October-earlyNovember: Chiko Mandara


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