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Kohfuku-ji Temple こうふくじ

Kohfuku-ji Temple こうふくじ

The Kohfuku-ji Temple, situated next to the Todai-ji Temple, was prosperous as a forerunner of "Buddhism for aristocrats" in the Nara period. Among the seven biggest temples of Nara, the Kohfuku-ji Temple has developed through the closest relationship with the town of Nara. In the 3rd year of the Wado era (710), the Umayasaka Temple, the predecessor of the present Kohfuku-ji Temple, was transferred from Asuka to the Nara capital by Fujiwara-no-Fuhito. Then, as a tutelary temple of the Fujiwara family, it extended its influence with the prosperity of the family. The temple was attacked by the Taira family in the fourth year of Jisho (1180), and most of the temple buildings were burned down. In the Kamakura period (1192-1333), however, the Fujiwara family took a position of the Military Commissioner of Nara, and eventually became so influential that they occasionally appealed to the Imperial Palace with soldier monks.

In the vast precincts of the temple are the Chukon-do Hall, the Tokon-do Hall, the Hokuen-do Hall, the Nan'en-do Hall, the Five-storied Pagoda, the Three-storied Pagoda, the Ooyuya Bathhouse, the Oomi-do Hall and the Treasure Hall, some of which were constructed in and after the Kamakura period. As for Buddhist sculptures, there are a lot of famous articles and masterpieces of the Tempyo era.

(The Chukon-do Hall will be completed in 2018.)

Basic Information

Address 48 Noborioji-cho, Nara City 630-8213
Access 5 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station
From JR Nara Station, take the city loop bus for 5 minutes and get off at "Kencho-mae." The destination is right there.
Inquiries Tel: +81-742-22-7755 Fax: 0742-23-1971
Barrier Free Accessibility One barrier-free access restroom
Website Kohfuku-ji Temple Official Websitehttps://www.kohfukuji.com/english/
Closed on Open all year
Parking Space for 46 cars available. Parking fee of 1000 yen

Entrance Fee

Price (Individual) ■Treasure Hall Entrance Fees:
Adults (General/University Students): 700 yen
Students (Junior High/High School): 600 yen
Children (Elementary School Students): 300 yen

■ Tokon-do Hall Entrance Fees:
Adults (General/University Students): 300 yen
Students (Junior High/High School): 200 yen
Children (Elementary School Students): 100 yen

■Treasure Hall & Tokon-do Hall Set (For Both) Entrance Fees for groups & individuals:
Adults (General/University Students): 900 yen
Students (Junior High/High School): 700 yen
Children (Elementary School): 350 yen
Price (Group) Entrance Fees for Groups of 30 or more
■Treasure Hall Entrance Fees:
Adults (General/University Students): 600 yen
Students (Junior High/High School): 500 yen
Children (Elementary School Students): 200 yen

■Tokon-do Hall Entrance Fees:
Adults (General/University Students): 250 yen
Students (Junior High/High School): 150 yen
Children (Elementary School Students): 90 yen
Discount for Disabled Visitors Treasure Hall Entrance Fees:
Adults (General/University Students): 350 yen
Students (Junior High/High School): 300 yen
Children (Elementary School Students): 150 yen
Other Regarding the major preservation and repair work on the World Heritage Site, Kohfuku-ji Temple's Five-Story Pagoda, construction of the protective roof (temporary roofing) will commence in earnest from July 2023, prior to the main repair work.

The project will begin with the development of a detour route, followed by the closure of the construction area and the construction of the temporary roofing. Once the temporary roofing is completed, the full-scale repair work will commence, during which time the Five-Story Pagoda will not be visible.

During the construction of the temporary roofing, there will be movement of construction vehicles, and visitors will need to use the detour routes.

Please visit the official Kohfuku-ji Temple website for more details (as of June 2023).
Hours of Operation The Treasure Hall and the Tokon-do Hall are both open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Last entry is at 4:45 p.m.)


Events Tsuinae: February 3, 18:30–20:00
Nehane: February 15, 10:00–11:00 (Nehan-zu Display: 9:00–16:00)
Busshoe: April 8, 9:00–16:00 (Ceremony: 10:00–11:00)
Hojoe: April 17, 13:00–
Monjue: April 25, 15:00–
Takigi-o-noh: Third Friday and Saturday in May, 17:30–
Benzaiten Festival (Three-Story Pagoda Open): July 7, 10:00 (Open: 9:00–16:00)
Daihannyae (Nan'en-do Open): October 17, 13:00– (Open: 9:00–17:00)
Flower-Viewing Wisteria: Early May
National Treasures The Five-Storied Pagoda, Hokuendo, the Three-storied Pagoda and others
Special Openings July 7: Three-storied Pagoda
October 17: Southern Round Hall


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