Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Traditional Kamameshi Restaurant Shizuka Oomiya Ten 【しづか おおみやてん】

If you have chance to come to Nara, please come to our Traditional Kamameshi Restaurantt"Shizuka". You can have great time. We all wait for your visting!

Basic Information

Address 4-249-4 oomiya-cho Nara
Access About 5minutes walk from Kintetsu Shinoomiya station
Inquiries 0742-93-8029
Barrier Free Accessibility なし
Website 志津香ウェブサイトhttp://www.kamameshi-shizuka.jp/
Closed on Tuesday *We will be closed irregularly once a month.
Parking Parking: 12


Area Information

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