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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Itto-seki Split Boulder いっとうせき

Itto-seki Split Boulder いっとうせき

Legend has it that this rock was split by Sekishusai (also known as Yagyu Munetoshi), a masterful samurai who spent a part of his middle age in seclusion with the Yagyu clan. Here, the story has it, he fought with a tengu (a long-nosed goblin), and sliced in two this ancient rock when he cut down the tengu with a single stroke of his sword.

Basic Information

Address Yagyu-cho, Nara
Access JR Nara Station, Kintetsu Nara Station: Directly in front of "Yagyu-jo" bus stop on the bus to Yagyu/Oji-Nakamura
Inquiries Yagyu Tourism Association: +81-742-94-0002
Website 一刀石を通るモデルコースhttps://narashikanko.or.jp/modelcourse/yagyu/

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Area Information

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Former Residence of the Yagyu Clan’s Chief Retainer

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Former Residence of the Yagyu Clan’s Chief Retainer

155-1 Yagyu-cho, Nara 630-1237

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