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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Yagyu Kaido やぎゅうかいどう

Yagyu Kaido やぎゅうかいどう

Yagyu Kaido is an ancient route running from the center of Nara city to the village of Yagyu and passing through the valley between Mt. Kasuga and Mt. Takamodo. Locations along the route such as Setarin and Ninnikusen, whose names originate from Buddhism and are modeled on Indian holy sites, suggest this was already a site of Mountain Buddhism during the Nara and Heian periods (710 to 1185). It is said that around 300 years ago, after the establishment of the Yagyu Shinkage School of swordsmanship, many samurai traveled this road seeking to learn this new style. With each hiking course and location on Yagyu Kaido, you can experience a variety of natural settings, scenery, and historical periods. In total, there are three recommended courses available. Get ready for an adventure!

Basic Information

Inquiries 0742-93-0001 (奈良市東部出張所) 0742-94-0002 (柳生観光協会)
Website Find out more about the hiking courseshttps://www.city.nara.lg.jp/uploaded/attachment/28715.pdf

Entrance Fee

Other ※柳生街道(滝坂の道)一部区間通行止めのお知らせ(2023/4/17更新)





Area Information

Nearby Locations

Masakizaka Dojo

Yagyushimo-cho, Nara 630-1231

Itto-seki Split Boulder

Yagyu-cho, Nara

Former Residence of the Yagyu Clan’s Chief Retainer

Yagyu-cho, Nara

Former Residence of the Yagyu Clan’s Chief Retainer

155-1 Yagyu-cho, Nara 630-1237

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