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Yakushi-ji Temple やくしじ

Yakushi-ji Temple やくしじ

"The establishment of the temple started in the 9th year of the Temmu era(680) with the wish of Emperor Temmu that Empress would recover from her illness. With the transfer of the capital to Nara, the temple was moved to the present site in the 2nd year of the Yoro era (718). As for the transfer of the temple, there are two theories, one being that temple buildings and images of Buddha were totally transferred to the present site, and the other going that only the name of the temple was transferred, and temple buildings and images were newly constructed on the present site. If the former theory is correct, the East Pagoda and the Yakushi Triad prove to have been made in the Hakuho period. But if the latter is correct, those are the works of the early Tempyo period. The two theories used to pose a controversial issue for the academic society of art history,but the latter theory has recently been predominant over the former. Two three-storied pagodas (the East Pagoda and the West Pagoda) are placed centering around the Golden Hall and Lecture Hall. The arrangement of the temple buildings is so unique that the style of this temple is called ""Yakushi Style"". A fire broke out several times and most of the buildings were burned down. The East Pagoda is now the only structure that was constructed at the time of the foundation of the temple. The other buildings including the Golden Hall were reconstructed, and finally in the spring of the 56th year of Showa(1982), the West Pagoda was completed.

The popular visiting course is to start from the station and begin with the Lecture Hall. Another course can be to go through the south gate and then visit the East Pagoda, the West Pagoda, the Golden Hall, the Bussoku-do Hall, Toin-do Hall,and the Lecture Hall in this order. After you finish visiting this temple, why don't you go to Toshodai-ji Temple?

(1 minute's walk from Kintetsu Nishinokyo Station)"

Basic Information

Address 457, Nshinokyo-cho, Naracity
Access 18 minutes by bus from JR Nara and Kintetsu Nara Stations. Immediately in front of "Yakushi-ji" bus stop. Immediately in front of Kintetsu Nishi-no-Kyo Station.
Inquiries Tel: +81-742-33-6001 Fax: 0742-33-6004
Website Yakushi-ji Temple Official Websitehttp://nara-yakushiji.com
Closed on Open all year
Parking Bus: 2,200 yen, Microbus: 2,000 yen, Car: 500 yen, Motorbike: 100 yen

Entrance Fee

Price (Individual) When Genjo-Sanzo-In-Garan is open:1/1-1/8,3/1-6/30,8/13-8/15,9/16-11/30
Places open to tourist: Kondo, Daikodo, Toindo, Genjo-Sanzo-In-Garan
Adult:1,100 yen, Junior and High School students:700 yen,
Elementary school student: 300 yen

When Genjo-Sanzo-In-Garan is closed: 1/9~2/28、7/1~8/12、8/16~9/15、12/1~12/31
Places open to tourist: Kondo, Daikodo, Toindo
Adult: 800 yen, Junior and High School students: 500 yen,
Elementary school students: 200 yen
Price (Group) Group price(for 25 people or more)
When Genjo-Sanzo-In-Garan is open:
Adult:1,000 yen, Junior and High School students: 630 yen,
Elementary school students: 270 yen
When Genjo-Sanzo-In-Garan is closed:
Adult:720 yen, Junior and High School students: 450 yen,
Elementary school student: 180 yen
Discount for Disabled Visitors Visitors with handicaps or disabilities who make their visits with their official handicapped citizens booklets will receive a 50% discount on entry for themselves and up to one helper.
Senior Discount Free upon presentation of Nara senior citizen's handbook ("roushun teichou").
Hours of Operation 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (The admission desk will be open until 4:30 p.m.)


Events "Shushoe: 1/1-1/15
Hanaeshiki: 3/25-3/31
Saishoe:3rd Sunday in April
Genjo-Sanzoe: 5/5
Urabon-e: 8/13-15 13:00-
Tenmuki・Mantoe: 10/8 18:30-
Jion-e(every 2 years): 11/13, 19:00-
Ominugui: 12/29 13:00-
New years eve: 12/31-1/1
Light up: 19:00-22:00(As it is possible to change the time, please ask before visit) "
National Treasures Totoh, Toindoh, and others


Area Information

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Toshodai-ji Temple

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