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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Casting out “demons”, the symbol of worldly passions, and repenting everyday sins: Onioi-shiki/Yakushi-ji Temple

March 31, every year

On the final day of the Shuni-e Hanae-shiki (Buddhist ceremony celebrating Buddha's Birthday) at Yakushi-ji Temple, various rituals are performed. First of all, in the Kechigan (ceremony conclusion) Buddhist mass, as the monks chant prayers of repentance in loud voices and the Daidoshi (officiating priest) offers the final prayer, priests called Shushi make a fire-offering to all Buddhas. Then, the Onioi-shiki (“Chase out the Demons” ceremony)—whereby Bishamonten (warrior god), empowered with the strength of Yakushi Nyorai (Buddha of healing and medicine), calms demons running amok with torches—is carried out in front of the Golden Hall. This ceremony signifies repenting everyday sins by casting out demons, symbols of worldly passions, and rededicating oneself to living a good life. (Photo provided by Yakushi-ji Temple)

Basic Information

Address 457, Nshinokyo-cho, Nara
Access 18 minutes by bus from JR Nara and Kintetsu Nara Stations. Immediately in front of "Yakushi-ji" bus stop. Immediately in front of Kintetsu Nishi-no-Kyo Station.
Inquiries +81-742-33-6001
Website Yakushi-ji Temple Official Websitehttp://nara-yakushiji.com


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