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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Typhoon related tourism information – August 14-15, 2023





As of August 14, typhoon no.7 is approaching Kansai region including Nara City.
Please kindly be noted that there will be suspension of public transport and closure of tourist facilities from August 14 to 15.
Make sure to stay up to date on safety information at Nara City official website.
You can also check the latest public transport information on the following website if you need to use trains.






JR西日本  運行情報(近畿エリア) https://trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/kinki.html
近鉄電車  列車運行情報     https://www.kintetsu.jp/unkou/unkou.html
奈良交通バス           https://www.narakotsu.co.jp



Major train lines related to Nara


[JR West]
Nara Line
Yamatoji Line


[Kintetsu Railway]







Nara City Official Website









The following tourist information centers were planning to extend their opening hours on August 15th, but they will be closed as usual at 7 p.m. due to the approaching typhoon.
・Nara City Tourist Information Center
・Kintetsu Nara Station Tourist Information Center
<Extension of opening hours>






Some 3,000 lanterns glowing with light: Chugen Mantoro Festival/Kasuga Grand Shrine



Nara Daimonji Festival/Tobihino