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Nara/Nishinokyo Lotus Road – A Journey to Experience Lotus and History

June 14 - August 12, 2024

Lotus flowers are in full bloom during summer. Revered as a symbol of Buddhism, lotuses emerge from mud, blossoming into pure and exquisite flowers. Many Buddhist statues feature lotus motifs carved on their seats. Nara's historical 4 temples (Saidaiji, Kikouji, Toshodaiji, and Yakushiji) are famous for beautiful lotus flowers in summer and are all located in line on the beautiful country road in the western area of Nara City, Nishinokyo, and is called 'Lotus Road'. Every year, during the lotus season (June to August), numerous visitors flock to these four temples.
For a limited time, Nara Tourism Association offers common admission tickets for those 4 temples, which include admission and complimentary gifts. Also, you will be entitled to special Lotus Road red ink stamps (Goshuin) at each temple (stamp fees required).
Furthermore, this ticket comes with discount coupons for cafes/shops in the area.

◆Common Admission Ticket for the famous four temples (Saidaiji, Kikouji, Toshodaiji, and Yakushiji) is 4,000 yen per adult. (For children: general admission tickets for children)
※Number of copies sold: limited to 1,500

Basic Information

Address ◇Saidaiji Temple 1-1-5 Saidaiji Shibamachi, Nara  ◇Kikoji Temple 508 Sugahara-cho, Nara                           ◇Toshodaiji Temple 13-46 Gojo-cho, Nara     ◇Yakushi-ji Temple 457 Nishinokyo-cho, Nara
Access ◇Saidaiji Temple: Approximately a 3-minute walk from Kintetsu Yamato-Saidaiji Station
◇Kikoji Temple: Approximately a 10-minute walk from Kintetsu Amagatsuji Station
◇Toshodaiji Temple: Approximately a 10-minute walk from Kintetsu Nishinokyo Station
◇Yakushiji Temple: Immediately next to Kintetsu Nishinokyo Station

Inquiries Nara City Tourism Associaton Mail:chiiki@narashikanko.or.jp
Website Find out morehttps://narashikanko.or.jp/topics/lotusroad/


Area Information

Nearby Locations

Kiko-ji Temple

508 Sugahara-cho, Nara City

Toshodai-ji Temple

13-46 Gojo-cho, Nara

Yakushi-ji Temple

457, Nshinokyo-cho, Naracity

Saidai-ji Temple

1-1-5 Saidai-ji Shiba-cho, Nara 631-0825

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