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Experience Nara Time in Japan

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Visit temples for gorgeous lotus flowers, Nara Nishinokyo Lotus Road

June 15 - August 16, 2023

In summer, beautiful lotus flowers bloom at temples in Nara.

The World Heritage Yakushiji temple and Toshodaiji temple in Nishinokyo area, as well as Saidaiji temple and Kikoji temple near Yamato Saidaiji Sta. in particular are known as ‘lotus temples’ by the locals, and their connecting roads are now called ‘Lotus Road’.

Between June 15 and August 16, 2023, Lotus Road tickets are available at receptions of the lotus temples, which you can use to enter the temples above, receive special ‘goshuin’ (temple seal / hand-written certificates of worship or visit at temples and shrines) and lotus petal-shaped paper ‘sange’. The ticket price is 4,000 yen per adult. (For children: general admission tickets for children)

Basic Information

Address Saidaiji, Kikoji, Toshodaiji and Yakushiji
Access 1-1-5 Saidai-ji Shiba-cho, Nara - Saidaiji
508 Sugawara-cho, Nara - Kikoji
13-46 Gojo-cho, Nara - Toshodaiji
457, Nshinokyo-cho, Nara - Yakushiji
Inquiries 0742-30-0230(公益社団法人 奈良市観光協会) ※平日9:00~17:00
Website Find out morehttps://narashikanko.or.jp/en/topics/a-nara-mini-pilgrimage-when-the-lotuses-are-in-flower-from-early-summer/


Area Information

Nearby Locations

Saidai-ji Temple

1-1-5 Saidai-ji Shiba-cho, Nara 631-0825

Toshodai-ji Temple

13-46 Gojo-cho, Nara 630-8032

Yakushi-ji Temple

457, Nshinokyo-cho, Naracity

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